Berry Addicted to ChocolateTo Do List

  • Be a good single mom to a stubborn 4 year-old
  • Work 40 hours a week
  • Spend at least 12 hours a week obtaining my 3000 LPC-Intern hours
  • Keep the house clean liveable
  • Coach soccer
  • Start a second Bachelors degree
  • Maintain relationships and composure
  • Try to buy a house
  • … start a baking business?

Clearly, I must be an overachieving masochist, but really I think this add on is a good thing. Berry Addicted to Chocolate started as a time-filling, stress-relieving, skill honing activity in the summer of 2016 (with a magical hashtag that hadn’t been used on Instagram before?!). However, graduate school made it remain a summer fling until I was graduated (again) and had a few months to recover from the trauma of school before I added anything to my plate.

I’ve only been baking again for a week at this point, but already I remember why I loved it so much! The amount of intentionality that is required in baking is almost meditative–most everything else falls away when you are focused on measuring or planning how you are going to assemble and decorate (or even making a Plan B for if/when it all falls apart). In this world of instant gratification, baking is probably the best hobby to have because you get to see the results of your work immediately. And when you have a four year old who thinks 10 minutes to too long to wait, it’s easy to get sucked into impatience and crave quick gratification too.  So baking is the obvious choice, right?

You know what else? I love to write. I really do, but I am the kind of person who spends more time have fake conversations in my head or watching stories play out in my imagination before I put it on paper and then by the time I get there… it’s gone. It’s over thought, overeditted and has lost the passion that made it so enticing to begin with–now mind you, I’m still in the phase of reading/writing YA fiction in my spare time, so it’s all subjective, but you get my point. It doesn’t help that I tend to chase rabbits and walking along many tangent points either (an issue that is solved by my Everything But The Kitchen section!).

I’ve attempted blogging before, thinking that my love of writing would be enough to push it along but… nope. It isn’t! There is a level of discipline, passion, and ability to learn that is needed to sustain a blog (or so the research says). In the years since I’ve last tried to blog, I’ve become a Mom, graduated twice from a University and learned a thing or two about myself, my limits, my level of discipline and also how determined I can be when it comes to something I really want.

When you go to bed thinking up a business plan for this hobby you want to hypothetically turn into a real thing, that’s a sign you’re heading in the right direction. When you start praying about whether or not you can/should actually do it, and then find that the doors are opening for you, that’s a sign too.

I think it’s time to put my love for writing and baking to come together and make something beautiful and sweet, don’t you?

Goals for this baking blog and eventual business:

  • Over the next few months, I will be practicing my bakes, coming up with signature flavors and styles as well as learning and trying new things. This adventure will be documented through this blog, Instagram and the Facebook page Berry Addicted to Chocolate.
  • In January, I will begin receiving orders on a limited basis and begin to actually grow the business aspect of my at-home baking business. Again, this adventure will be documented for all to see and learn from my mistakes (I tend to make a lot).
  • ?
  • ??
  • Success will be mine!

Simple enough, right? Ya’ll pray for me…


Tell me what you think! If you are a blogger: what got you started and what advice would you give someone new? If you are a reader: what do you like to see in a blog and what should be avoided?

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