Hello my baking friends! My name is Ashlyn, I’m a single mom is just doesn’t have enough on her plate already! I work full-time in a University Registrar’s Office, am currently working on obtaining my 3000 licensed professional counselor intern hours for full licensure, am running from my student loans (more on that in another post) and starting a second bachelor’s degree in September, and trying to buy a house by 2020. Baking for me is a stress reliever that will hopefully become a neat side-hustle to help me pay off some of my student loan debt and bring my goal of home-ownership to light!

My daughter is currently 4 and does not like to help me back (all because I said she would need to pick up her room first). She is such a goofball with a wide-range of interests: princesses to pokemon, to superheros–current favorites being Batman and Antman– and Sonic the Hedgehog, and on.  She makes life… interesting to say the least, and I’m sure you’ll get to know her very well through this adventure.

You can follow my adventures in baking, parenting, debt-repayment, school, home buying and everything else around the sun at the social media links below! Who knows, maybe we can be friends!

Facebook: @berryaddictedtochocolate


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