At first I was hesitant on whether or not I was going to be posting recipes on this blog. Then I remembered that the whole reason this thing is getting off the ground is because people are posting their recipes!! How stingy and selfish would I be if I didn’t share the love too? I could be Smaug and just horde the gold, but how can I give back to the very community that helped me get here? Now, that’s not to say that I won’t leave a few things in my wheelhouse for when it’s time to start growing and taking orders, but I will happily share some of the recipes that have helped me learn and get this far!

**My mom recently found out that she is allergic to eggs and dairy. For this reason any dessert featuring “Momma” in the title are pretty close to Vegan, in that they are eggless and dairyless. I know that true veganism is more in depth than just omitting eggs and dairy, and for this reason I will not claim that any of these recipes are truly vegan. However, I believe that they can easily be altered to match your level of vegan power 😉

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